Review for Nancy Drew – Ghost Stories

Review for Nancy Drew – Ghost Stories


This book contains 4 stories, that all have to do with ghosts/hauntings and such.

It doesn’t really fit with the whole Nancy Drew thing though, since a lot of these books specify something otherworldly happening, while in Nancy Drew books there mostly is some worldly explanation for it.

I think my favourite would be the haunted house/tv show one, the one after that the Manga Mayhem story.

The stories have one thing in common: They all start at a slow pace, and you really need to get through the first several pages to get to a good story, and that is why it gets -1 star. The other -1 star is because, while of course I expected ghost stories, I also expected them, true to Nancy Drew style, to have a logical reason, not some supernatural thing that Nancy often couldn’t explain.

But it was also fun to see the gang again. Really loved the cousins and Ned was also great. Though you really notice the age and all of the books, especially considering that Nancy and Ned show barely any affection, they are boyfriend and girlfriend, yet you don’t read about them hugging or kissing that much, they don’t even say much words of love to each other.

But I would recommend this book to the fans, they might just like it.



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