Review for One Man Guy

Review for One Man Guy


I was looking forward to this book since the time it appeared on Goodreads. I love LGBT books, especially if they are done right, and this one is done perfectly right.

Alek was a wonderful character and I really loved him. I was also cheering for him to speak up or at least do something so his parents would know why he is acting the way he is acting. While I loved his romance/relationship with Ethan, I also felt that Ethan wasn’t always a good influence. Alek started skipping school, started to care less about his homework and a few other things. The first time they skipped school I was like, ah finally. But after a few times, I just was waiting for the moment it would go wrong and everything would go boom. 
But still, I loved Alek, and I loved how he changed. From silent guy with a bit of an attitude, to someone who dares to speak up, who dares to say no to people, and someone who discovered his sexuality.

Ethan was a great guy, but again, I didn’t think he was that good of an influence on Alek. He did a lot of things right for Alek (getting him out of his shell, helping him with clothes/hair and also being there for him), he also did things wrong by promoting skipping and other things.

I loved those two together though, they make a wonderful couple and I was also happy to see that no one had too much of a problem with them. I know how it often goes when parents find out their child is gay, and it is terribly sad. 

And then we have my second favourite character of the whole book: Becky. My, she was a totally awesome character. She has spunk, spice and kicks ass on a daily basis. I loved how she was always there for Alek. And even when things took an awkward turn (you can partially guess what will happen), she still stuck with Alek and helped him out on numerous occasions. 

I would truly recommend this story. It is sweet, cute and you will be cheering for Alek on multiple occasions. Read this book!


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