Review for Open Road Summer

Review for Open Road Summer

9780802736109Ah, perfect book, perfect. 🙂

It has all the right ingredients for a good book: Romance, Roadtrips, Bad and Good boys, Songs. 

Reagan and her friend (and singer) Dee are on a tour through the US (24 cities), everything goes right, until there is a scandal and Matt (our lovely, gorgeous boy) has to step in and come with them on the tour.

I loved, adored, Reagan, though I also wanted to smack her at times, especially during some parts with Matt. Though, I can also kind of understand why she did what she did, with her past and everything that happened the last few months. I loved how much she cared for Dee, like a sister, like a friend, she was always there for her and would go to her immediately if Dee needed help or was in trouble. You don’t always find friends like that and Dee is one very lucky girl. Though the same goes for Reagan, she has an amazing friend in Dee. 
There was one thing I didn’t like about Reagan, how she was acting all tough and bad girly, while in reality she was a sweet girl who just picked the wrong things in life, but tried her best to find a way back to the right road. I wish she would have seen it herself and sooner. 🙂

Dee was a cute character, and she grew in this book. From, what I felt in the beginning, cute and no real plans about the future, to a girl who really thinks about her future, but also her past, with Jimmy (I still keep hoping they will get together again, they deserve each other). I loved how she pushed through her life, no matter what comes on her path. She is a fighter and my opinion through the book really goes from so-so to wow, awesome girl!

Matt, ah swoon Matt. Wonderful, sweet and dreamy. I loved him, how he was around Dee and more important, how he was around Reagan. They are a perfect match together. Both have experienced some rotten things in their lives and both know pain. Matt was a really great guy, and loved how much he stayed with Reagan, how much he loved her, even though her bad girl attitude should have caused many guys to run away, he stayed.

Of course there relationship is not without bumps and holes, but they get through it. 

I truly loved this book. I liked to read about the cities they went through, the concerts were fun, and again, the sparks around Matt and Reagan were wonderful. I would really recommend it to everyone! Read this, you won’t regret it!


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