Review for Played

Review for Played

9780373210947I was really, really looking forward to the book. I absolutely loved Hooked and couldn’t wait to read this one.

Sadly it was not meant to be. I loved Riley in the previous book, she was a good side-character, and you can imagine my happiness when I heard she would get her own book. But sadly in this book she mostly just was annoying, stuck-up and a brat. And I hated her for a lot of things.

Unlike the previous book, this one isn’t about golf. This one is totally about Riley and Sam, and how they got to know each other better. I was totally hoping for some romance between these two. But for most of the book they are totally oblivious toward each other, they don’t even like each other (well, maybe secretly), but it got a bit boring to see Sam diss Riley and her family, and how Riley was trying to break free from her good girl thing while also trying to break up Ryan and Fred, so that Sam could get a chance with Fred. rolls eyes
What kind of sister does that? Breaking up her brother’s relationship, being a total bitch and more?

The only thing that I liked were the moments that Sam and Riley were actually together and didn’t try to kill each other or tried to deny they liked each other.

Would I recommend this sequel? No.


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