Review for Pretty Little Liars

Review for Pretty Little Liars


No clue why I rated this a 3 stars before, for now it is 2 stars (maybe even 1.5 stars). Very disappointed. 1.5 stars in the end.

3 years or even more years ago I read this book. And apparently back then I liked it. However, I just read this and I can’t say I enjoyed it. It was a chore to get through the book.

The girls were just total bitches and I really disliked them and how they acted. I thought they were all just spoiled. Acting like they were better. I also didn’t really get why all those secrets were so bad. Most aren’t even secrets or things I would think you should be totally embarrassed about. Of course, maybe they have more secrets, but the secrets mentioned in this book were so-so and nothing big. Maybe for them it is, but sorry, I just couldn’t see it.

The mystery part (Alison’s disappearance and what happens after that and also who was sending them those mails/texts etc.) was well done, and only for that I would continue reading it, sadly, that would mean we would have to get rid of all the girls.

A lot of things were silly, things I never did when I was that age, and come on, I also don’t think are things people in general would do.

All in all, I had hoped for better, but sadly it was just not meant to be.


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