Review for Say Something

Review for Say Something

9780316245555A gorgeous, heart-stopping, sad and above all powerful story about bullying, death and more.

I absolutely loved Hate List, it was super powerful, so you can imagine how I felt when I found out there would be new material. This time following David. We switch between the now (Senior Year) and the then (Junior Year), showing us two sides. The bullying, the anger, the shooting in the Then-part, and How to go on, nothing changes, sadness in the Now-part. 

I loved David, though I really think he shouldn’t have kept the secret with him that long, especially not if he cared about people close to him (like Valerie). I can imagine why he did kept it secret though. He didn’t want people to hate him more, he has already been bullied enough, he just wanted people to leave him alone. But throughout the book, throughout the times, you will notice his conscience is gnawing at him, until he can no longer contain it and spills it out.

I really liked that we have a now and then. It gives us more insight in David and what happened to him. But also shows us that he noticed that Val was changing, that Nick was changing, that he was sad about Val changing to something totally different.

I would recommend this book to everyone who has read the Hate List and wants to know more or wants to know a different side to the story.


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