Review for the Story Machine

Review for the Story Machine

9781408839331This was a wonderful, cute and lovely story.

A little boy finds a typewriter, of course being of the new generation he doesn’t know what it is and he starts hitting it and doing all kinds of things with it. Then he finds out what he can do with it. Sadly it doesn’t last long.

It was a really cute story. I really liked the little boy, and I loved his wonderment with the typewriter. I loved how he thought it was a story machine and thought it was all magical while all along it was him making the stories up.
I really liked that the images he made for the story were made of the typewriter letters, really fun to see that. He has a great talent with it, sad that the typewriter dies.

I also liked that the author/illustrator decided to go for a typewriter, especially in a high-tech world as we live in in, were most people don’t know what it is, it was really refreshing to see such a wonderful machine back. (And yes I still got a typewriter, a really old one that I got from my great-aunt)

All in all I would recommend this short book. The illustrations are top-notch and you will love the main character.


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