Review for The Swap

Review for The Swap

9780062311696The Swap is a hilarious, coming of age story about friendship, love and starting a new school.

We have 2 POV’s. Ellie, a girl who just started with her new school, lost friends and is trying hard to get through her life without her best friend. 
Then we have Jack, a boy who also started with his school and is looking forward to it. He has 3 brothers, a father (who is more like a drill sergeant then a dad) and various other things going on.

These two meet in the infirmary (Ellie after she ran away, pretended to have cramps, Jack after he got into a fight). They make a wish, and poof their souls switch and Jack’s soul switches to Ellie body, and the same goes for Ellie. Of course you can imagine the hilarity that happens after that, and also the stress of having to stay undercover so no one finds out that Jack isn’t Jack and Ellie isn’t really Ellie.

Both will have to live the lives of the other for the whole weekend and hope that Monday everything will be fixed.

It was really brilliant to see how both had to live with their new bodies. There were various hilarious situations. Like Jack’s brothers quite often like to strip (much to the horror of Ellie), or the fact she has to pee with an extra thing now. Especially the teenage body of a guy and what that did were a big shock to her (and also embarrassment). 

And the same goes for Jack, he constantly hears about menstruation/periods and all that and he doesn’t want to hear about it.

But both also find something new. For Ellie it is brothers who care about her/him and for Jack it is having a mom again. They both learn various lessons about life and also learn to speak up and they also both help each other with certain problems. 

Luckily for them they switch back all of the sudden and of course much rejoicing happens. Now that is not the end of the book of course, we get an epilogue (Sadly only narrated by Jack). I won’t spoil the ending, but let’s just say I had hoped for another ending. I felt a bit sad, and that is also why I only rated it a 4 star. 

But all in all this was a super fun book, and I will be sure to buy it when the paperback comes out.


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