Review for The Treatment

Review for The Treatment


Not a long review, but just a short one to express my thoughts on the book.

First of all, thanks to Suzanne Young for deciding to keep this series with 2 books and not making it a 3 book series. I was slightly worried about that, and I have seen many writers do it.

This book is once again split up in 3 parts. Each part has a certain theme going through. The first one is mostly about them fleeing, running away and getting used to the whole life on a run and being wanted. The second is about the Cure and we also see a lot of other things happening in here with regards to that, but also to who you can trust. The last part focusses on the cure, but also on saving people, finding hope and fixing what is wrong.

The book also starts strong, you immediately jump in the story where we left it the last time. So that is really a big plus.

I didn’t always like Sloane at times, she was just too jealous at times, too desperate, but at other times again, she was the awesome Sloane as we saw in the previous book. She went very far to save her friends, to make sure they are save. She does a whole lot to find hope and find a cure for the things that happen.

I loved the ending, it was really great, though I didn’t like the certain event that happened to someone. I felt that was just unnecessary and not needed. Especially not at that point in the story.

All in all, I will be sure to buy this one when it comes out in paperback. 🙂

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