Review for The Very Hungry Zombie

Review for The Very Hungry Zombie

I saw this book on Thinkgeeks, and just had to read it. A parody on The Very Hungry Caterpillar? Now with Zombies? Yes, yes, yes please!!!!9781620871829
The format is pretty much the same, there are holes (this time through heads and also through body parts) which make the book really fun. The story was fun, though I can feel a sequel must be around or is coming soon. The ending was a bit open, and I would love a book where our Very Hungry Zombie will eat up some more people.

Is this book for kids? Sure, it is not too gore, and I am sure kids these days see worse things. I am sure most kids will love this book and will devour it. 🙂

The colours and illustrations are really close to the Caterpillar book, so there were waves of nostalgia going over me. 

I loved this book and I am happy that I found out about it. I am hoping for more parody books, I will be sure to get them


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