Review for Under The Egg

Review for Under The Egg

I really liked this book. It was an interesting story, or I should say, multiple stories. 9780803740013

Since the whole under the egg is one, the painting makes two, the war makes three and finding out if her grandpa was a criminal is four. 

There were a few things I didn’t like or found strange:
-The fact she called her Grandpa: Jack. I thought she was talking about her brother for quite a bit of the book until we find out it is her Grandpa. Still throughout the story she says Jack and while I knew it was her Grandpa it utterly confused me at times and it distracted me from the story. I have never met anyone who calls their grandparents by their first name, most people are respectful and say Grandma/Grandpa or some other form. 
-The mom. By God, the mom just dumped everything on the 13-year old girl. Finances, the care of food, the care of herself, everything. I really disliked the mother. Seriously, nice that you are all fancy, smancy and smart, but you have a daughter, she needs you, she can’t do this all alone.
-The guy from the museum. He was just annoying and overly persistent with what he did.
-The whole: “How much money do I still have thing?” It was fun once, twice and maybe thrice, but sorry, after seeing it being used everywhere it just annoyed me.

The good points;
-The mystery. I loved it and was actively trying to figure it out. It was really fun, I would love to go to the city where the main character lives and see all those museums and houses myself.
-The new friend of our main character. My oh my, I just loved her. She was spunky, friendly and totally awesome and didn’t mind that her friend was poor or that her friend was a bit weird at times.
-That what was mentioned at the beginning, that you can find everything on the streets. I really like that idea, sadly it is just fantasy, it would be wonderful if you could find such things.
-The fact we had more than one story line. 
-The war part was brilliantly done.
-The librarian, Eddie I believe, I wish all librarians were like that. 🙂 Here they are mostly a bit grumpy.

All in all a wonderful book, and I would recommend it to everyone. 🙂


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