Review for What Mario Scietto Says

Review for What Mario Scietto Says

A short review for a short, but awesome story.marioscietto

I am really happy to see Mario is finally getting his say, finally we find out how Josie survived the fire bombing, and also how she was saved by Mario.

This short story is all monologue. Mario is talking to his dead wife, to Josie, to anyone. I really enjoyed this little story, it was really interesting, especially since I was really curious as to what happened to Josie that she ended up in a camp for O’s with Mario. 

And Mario was definitely, and will always be, my favourite side-character. He is quite awesome, and dedicated. No matter what, no matter the situation, he is the kind of guy who will save people and try to help out.

I felt sorry for him that he had to lose his wife, we also find out what happened to her in this story (not sure if that also was mentioned in the previous book).

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