Review for Wicked Little Secrets

Review for Wicked Little Secrets

I was at first a bit worried, should I continue this series? I know I enjoyed, no, loved the first book, but it was also so over the top, so much stuffed in a book that it almost seemed fake at times. But I was lured in, and I can honestly say, yes it was once again over the top, but it was also once again, love. 🙂

Anne can still not leave the whole Matthew thing go, so she goes to search around again and see if she can do anything, and yes, this includes various illegal things.
I didn’t like everything Anne did, like how she as soon as she dumped Brent went to Anthony and let him kiss her and all that. I know she had feelings for him, but come on, you just dumped your boyfriend of a few months (or longer) and you don’t need any time to recuperate, did you really like the dude? (I guess not)
I was also amazed at all the things she did just to close this case for once and all. Though it meant a lot of bad things happened to her, but also others, and probably will keep on happening. Though I really hope it will all get resolved in the next book.

I seriously didn’t like various characters in this book. We had a character who was just a prick, a school directory that was super-corrupt (as was also noticeable in the first book) and we also got a mystery woman (who I didn’t trust and it seems I was right not to trust).

I can somehow imagine that people don’t like Anne. While she is trying to find out the truth and all, she also gets people fired, she hurts people and is very persistent in what she wants and how she wants it.

But I would also like to thank the author, I found some great quotes in this book that I will be keeping and using when needed. 🙂

I will be looking forward to the next book, only a few more months to go. Which I didn’t really expect, I expected I had to wait another year or so.

Oh one more thing, thanks publisher and such for keeping the covers consistent. The many times I have seen that covers change for a series and that you suddenly have like 3 different covers in your collection.



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