Review for Woebegone Twins

Review for Woebegone Twins

W9781408314562e are back again with a second book in this gorgeous, exciting, bloody series called Schwartzgarten Tales. 

This time the main characters are a sister and a brother, they are twins. They don’t have the easiest of lives (which seems to be a recurring theme), their parents left them/died and they live with their aunt. Things happen and their aunt dies under mysterious circumstances, they are forced to live with a writer they met a few times.

I loved, adored this book, and I do have to say this one is less gory (at least in the beginning) than the previous book. Also throughout this book the twins don’t do any of the murders or deaths, they remain pretty pure throughout their ordeals, unlike the previous book which featured a main character who killed off people one by one. And while I liked that one, but like I said back then, I wouldn’t recommend that one for kids (too bloody and disturbing), however, I would recommend this book to kids (12+ though). It is more mystery and some mysterious deaths or disappearances happen, but they aren’t super gruesome for most of the time. 

It was an interesting read, and I loved the twins, I loved their aunt, I loved Morbide. They were great characters. I loved how the twins have some darker side to their mostly good side(they are interested in deaths/murders) that made them (for me) more human and it made the story more interesting. Especially since I was waiting for them to start doing some murders (sorry, but the previous book). I loved how close they were, and that no matter what situations they went through, they stayed close and helped each other out.

The Aunt, my oh my, I really liked her, she was the kind of woman I am sure people will love always (even though she has quite a temper). I was very sad when my suspicions proved to be right and her life was short-lived. But the time she was around, I enjoyed her and her relationship with the twins. Not many people would adopt kids like that, especially twins, and it is admirable she tried her best to make their lives great and fun.

Morbide, ah, my favourite character after the Twins. At the beginning I was thinking he was the catalyst, the bad guy, the murderer, the one to start doing bad stuff, but no, no, no, I was totally wrong. After a few pages I started to like him, and I really hoped he would live through the book. I won’t say what happens to him, that is all a secret you will have to find out.

My first impressions on the writer were pretty correct and I was happy that my instincts didn’t betray me on this one. I knew she was up to no good, and at times she was truly scary too with all she did to the kids. I can see where she gets her inspiration for her books, and sorry, what the hell? Disturbing and scary. Same goes for the two who are her cohorts. Though I never expected, or should I say suspected that person to be one of her cohorts. 

Again there was a great map of the city with new locations, however I would have loved a map for Sunken City (Venice?? Seems to match, it is pretty sunken, they have boats, Piazza’s) and of course the horror castle of the writer. Please more maps!

All in all the book is fantastic, and I can’t wait until October when book 3 comes out!


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