Review for You Have To Stop This

Review for You Have To Stop This

97803160762721 Sorry, I just battled through 3 fun books and 2 not so fun books to find out the whole Secret is THAT?

Seriously, what kind of crap ending is that. Super disappointed and also kind of pissed off I wasted my money on this. I expected the Secret to be some kind of magnificent thing. Oh well I could have guessed, given the nature of the one who kept the Secret back then.

I also started to find the characters annoying, how they acted, behaved, how silly they did their things at times. Like putting a trunk of gold and gems somewhere in Cassandra’s grandparents place, where it is bound to be mistaken for something to be sold. At least put it in a more secure place, I am sure there are better places.

Midnight Sun was just a silly joke by this book, their antics too old and too repetitive. 

I am glad I am done with this series, it was quite a chore to get through the remaining books.

Would I recommend this book or series? Well sure, the first 2 to 3 books. But after that, don’t continue.


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