Soon To Come

Soon To Come

I thought I would let you know some things I am planning to make soon.

The first one is something I used to do on Booklikes before I switched over to official blogging. Each month I would make a list of books that I would plan to read for the coming month. And starting next month I will be also doing it on here. I will be listing books I pre-ordered and which will come out for that month, but also will add books that come out in that month and that I would absolutely love to read.

The second thing, this one is also from Booklikes. It is a game called Either/Or. In it are various questions about books, second hand/new? Hardcover or Paperback? They are all like that these questions, and it seems like a fun idea to include this on the blog so people can see my preferences and get to know me better. 🙂 This one will be added this month.

And the third and last thing, which I have seen on Goodreads, but also on various blogs: What my favourite books from a month were. I will list my 5-star books and will also tell you (not too much, but just one sentence or one word) why I thought it was awesome/great/deserves to be my favourite.

All this will be coming soon, some this or next week, and some next month. Hope you all enjoy it!

And now to finish with some cuteness that I found while browsing the internet (thanks goes to this tumblr (be sure to visit))

aww hammie

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