Review for Bliss

Review for Bliss

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This was a fun book, however there were times I just wanted to drop the book. Rosemary was a nice character, but I felt she was a bit too whiny and was a bit to easy to manipulate. I also just got annoyed with her constant: My parents and my brothers take everything for granted, I am not awesome, I am not (insert something else). It all just got really boring and urgh soon. Which is a shame.

I loved the idea of a magic bakery where you can eat all kinds of food that do something magic (like curing an illness no one can cure, or lets you tell the truth only). However that there is a book where all this mentioned, it was to be expected that someone would steal it or try to get their hands on some of the recipes.

I also find it weird that they let some random family member inside their house/bakery. Another example of Rose and her letting everyone walk over her. Of course without Lily it wouldn’t be a good book, this book needed a bad girl/guy who would try to get their hands on stuff.

All in all a fun book, but will I buy the second book? I am not sure yet. Maybe, maybe not.


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