Review for Chasing Nikki

Review for Chasing Nikki

9781468112429Well that was f-ed up last part. Urgh. Sorry, but I hate it when books do this. -2 stars. Gorgeous book, but I don’t see why this was needed.

Let’s first post the good points:

*Their relationship was really cute, I loved how Nikki finally let Chase date her. And I love how creative she was (giving him a certain present, taking him to people and a certain movie). I loved how romantic they were together. While they kissed/hugged/etc. a lot, it wasn’t bothersome, it just fitted with the story.
*The fact they both lost their dads, they each understand how the other person feels, and they can hold each other when things go bad or if they need to talk about it.
*Chase. He wasn’t always good, but I know he did he best to get better, to feel better, to find purpose in his life. And I loved how he changed.
*The Cover, yes, while it is a little silly, I still like it. 🙂

Now the bad things:

*The sudden time skips. Chase would chat about various events that happened, but never actually came up in the book. I have had several times that I thumbed back to see if I missed something, pages, or sentences or anything, but it turns out I didn’t. I think it is a real shame. Either don’t mention them (and make the readers feel like we should know about them) or write them out and tell us.
*The ending or actually the whole last part. What the flying batpoop was up with that. There is a sort of explanation at the end, but sorry, I call bullpoop on that one. That was a totally unnecessary move, a total prick move, and one that caused at least 2 stars to go off the rating. I can imagine it might happen in real life, but come on, did you need to use that in a book? Sorry, but no. This totally destroyed the book for me.
*While I loved the Chase POV, I would have loved to have Nikki’s POV too, what made her change and why did she suddenly want to go out with Chase?

All in all, I was planning on buying this book and adding it to my bookshelves, but with the crap batpoop ending this one had, nope. This one doesn’t deserve being added.



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