Review for Dark Expanse

Review for Dark Expanse

B00I9QTG0MGood story but a bit strange and with some inconsistencies and some sentences that just don’t flow right.

(Like her saying she is pregnant, while she clearly says she hasn’t seen Thomas in a long time, then time switch and suddenly he is there, they have sex and voila baby (like it is that easy), also are they not taught about condoms and all that?). Also why are they drunk every time they meet? Strange relationship, are they truly in love or is it the alcohol? I know she confessed and liked him while not being intoxicated, but it seems every time they meet they are drunk. 

And why are they so often drunk? Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind people drinking, but it seems like she is quite often drunk, and she also drinks while clearly being pregnant. Again, do they learn their children nothing there?

Also Thomas is a prick. He leaves her when he confesses he doesn’t have a girlfriend and he likes our main girl, and he has sex with her and leaves (and thus leaves her pregnant). How can she stay with him? And marry him? Also he wants to keep their relationship secret every time. Because blah blah superior officer/boss this and blahblah that daddy issues.

And the past/present switch was quite annoying and confusing. Wish it was done in separate chapters and not in the middle of a story. At times I had no clue what time it was.

And that cliffhanger/ending.. Urgh.

I did have 2 characters I absolutely adored, Harvey and Nathan. My, they were wonderful characters and really sweet towards our main lead girl. 

All in all, I was planning on reading the first book, but now after this, I am dropping the series.


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