Review for Denpa Kyoushi Vol.2

Review for Denpa Kyoushi Vol.2

978-4091236999Woo! One of the characters of the earlier chapters is back! Soo happy to see her again. She was a great character and I was already afraid we wouldn’t see them any more.

The chapters are a bit shorter this time (in comparison the first chapters were around 40 to 60 pages, and the current chapters are all around 15 to 25), but we have 3 more chapters than the last time, so in the end it makes up for it. And I don’t mind shorter chapters since there is still so much happening in those pages.

This time though, we don’t really have a girl/new character each chapter. This time about half of the volume is about Nanami, his past and the people surrounding him. Nanami is just a big misunderstood guy, who had a crappy past with bad things happening. I felt sorry for him. Still doesn’t give him an excuse to be so violent though.
The rest is about the start of our teacher’s new job at the school and a new character who seems to have an anime voice (of course the teacher is very very interested in that).

I loved the battle and how the teacher tricked Nanami into thinking one thing, while he wasn’t even saying it was going to be that specifically. 🙂

I loved the anime girl, though, I still wish we would have seen what her actual score was and if she really went to that concert.

All in all a fantastic volume again, I really adore/love this series and I do hope that one day it will be out in English in print. crosses fingers and hopes I will be sure to read the rest of the manga.


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