Review for Enchanted Palace

Review for Enchanted Palace

9781408308813This was a fun, cute little book. I loved the characters, though they are a bit stereotypical in how they behave or dress, every one of them has their set roles. Which is a bit a shame.

I loved the whole kingdom and all the magical creatures that resided there. The author sure is good with descriptions and the illustrations also help. At times I felt like I was there with the girls trying to find out how to fix things, eating cupcakes/cookies that make you fly. It was all wonderful.

I am not sure if I will continue reading the books, they aren’t that easily found here, and considering the series is not over yet (there are almost 30 books), I might just wait until everything is out/translated. Yes, I read this one in Dutch, but since this was such a fun book I write my review in English.

But all in all a wonderful book, and I am sure kids will love it. It is sweet, easy to read and just delightful fun.



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