Review for Fat Boy vs the Cheerleaders

Review for Fat Boy vs the Cheerleaders

9781402291418I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

From the blurb I expected something epic, something special, something awesome. Sadly, it was not meant to be.Sure there is a big part that is about the soda stuff, but I felt it was over the top at times. At other times I just got bored because nothing happened. They kept talking about doing something, but didn’t do much at first. And later it all escalated into one big thing which included the police and all that.

There is one thing that made this book lose stars. You know it is an interview, but I hated the interruptions. We would get at a part, and suddenly you would read things like: “Yes, Sir, that is how it happened”, or “No, Sir, I you said I should tell everything”. At first I didn’t mind, actually found it interesting, but after a few pages of interruptions I was done with it.

I did like the main character and his struggle with his weight and that is actually doing something about it. That is actually fighting it. I loved that he tried to act all funny about it (like shaking his ass or making duck faces when cheerleaders teased him). I also felt sorry for him. His weight, the fact he was teased/bullied about it, his whole family situation. 
I was so proud at the ending when he fitted through that basement window (loved his reaction).

The ending was fun, I loved how the band bonded together and did that concert.

But all in all, it was just boring for a big part and just not what I expected.


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