Review for Girls Day Out

Review for Girls Day Out

9781466866935Short Review:

Haven’t read the other books, so at times it was confusing, but I got through it and I understood most of it.

This was a really fun and short book about 2 girls who go out. They decide to go hunt for treasures (in other words, things that fall from boats/ships). However instead of treasure they find a doll and decide to give it back to the girl who owns it.

I really despised the girl and her mother. 2 strangers come to you and give you back a (soaking) doll and what do you do? Accuse them, and call guards and all that on them… Wait why?

I liked the main girl a lot, she was funny and interesting. I didn’t like her friend that much though. Found her a bit to snobby and stuck up.

Will I be reading this series? Yes. I am really interested after reading this and I love mermaid books. 🙂



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