Review for Hide! The Tiger’s Mouth is Open Wide!

Review for Hide! The Tiger’s Mouth is Open Wide!

9781408827093I saw this book somewhere and just had to read it. The cover and the blurb just seem so much fun.

And it turned out to be fun, but also at times boring. I had expected some teeth/dentist stuff, but in the end the whole book was about those teeth/dental things. And most cases were just a bit boring/uninteresting. The whole tiger thing didn’t even happen until the last part of the book, which is a shame. 

I can say I loved that part were Ziggy (the tiger) had a problem. That was really exciting and I felt sorry for Ziggy (I wouldn’t eat my food if my teeth and all would hurt). 

The characters were so-so. They are brother and sister but the differences between them are huge. Sophie is a smart know-a-lot and often acts older than she is. Tom is just a typical boy who rather plays games.

I would think this book is perfect for little kids/smaller kids. There is a mountain of information in this book about the teeth/dental works of animals, and I am sure kids would love it. 

So I would recommend it to kids (5 to 10 years old).


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