Review for Hollow City

Review for Hollow City

This is the second book in the Peculiar Children’s series.9781594746123

Did I like this book as much as I did love the first book? Not really. It was nice, it had gorgeous photographs (at times also creeping me out btw), but there were things I just didn’t like.

The fact that we were told there weren’t that many peculiars around, that finding them doesn’t happen that often. Yet in this whole book we come across peculiar after peculiar. Which makes me happy, yeah more peculiars, but also makes me sad, because, well weren’t they rare? Weren’t they supposed to be protected because they were rare and all that?

I often had to check back to the first few pages since I didn’t always know who was who. A lot of kids and only a few got a lot of lines, most just get used when the situation calls for it (for example Fiona). Which is a terrible shame, I really like the kids and their abilities and it is too bad that they don’t get more chances to shine.

The whole romance thing. At times I found it cute and lovely, but I also felt it was out of place, like there are better times to kiss and love. Like when they were kissing on a rock where everyone could just plain see them.. roll eyes

There was one boy who kept complaining and whining about everyone and everything(see this is what happens to a too big cast, I forget names).

And also the totally cliché ending, I was so expecting that. That bird didn’t act like that person at all.

I did like various things: Photographs (as said), the power/ability of our main guy (and how it grew), the fact this takes place in WWII, the idea of peculiar children/protectors who can change to birds.

All in all I enjoyed it, but I do hope the next book has a bit more fun and has more spotlights on the other kids.


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