Review for Just Like The Movies

Review for Just Like The Movies

justlikethemoviesWhile a lot of the references went straight over my head (I am not that much of a movie buff, especially not for romantic stuff (I prefer horror, comedy or Japanese stuff)), it was still fun to read about them and search for them.

The characters were funny, but also at times a bit annoying. For instance I didn’t like Marijke (though I loved the name, Dutch names \o/), she was so obsessed with all things Tommy, she was just so jealous. I was wondering why she stayed with him or he with her. I cannot imagine this relationship working out right. One that is based on jealousy, worry and a constant need to know where someone is. I am sure she loved him, but sorry I didn’t feel it. She was constantly checking up on him, dissing him for being friendly towards girls (ok, maybe a bit too friendly at times), not giving him a chance to explain things when she found out something (who the hell checks their boyfriends telephone??????). She tries to hard at times. 
Also her not accepting college stuff? Because she wants to wait for Tommy? Like what? Why would you do that? If you truly love someone you will find a way through college and all that. You can still visit each other.
I loved her while she was in her athletic mode and was cheering for her to win. 

Tommy, he wasn’t all that good either. He was at times a prick, but at times I was just cheering for him when he stuck up for himself and just clearly said where he stood. But, I feel that at times he just didn’t care about Marijke. (Leaving while you know she just had an important event? Being sulky when she tells the truth about something? Or just her opinion?) Again, like I said at the Marijke part, I just didn’t feel their romance. I felt like we just had two very popular kids who got together for that, and nothing else.

Lily, I am still not sure what to think about her. She was so negative at times, and while I can understand (mom who is never home, she has to babysit her little brother, mom brings strange guys with her and so on), I still felt like she should be a bit more positive. 

All in all I loved the story, and again, at times I also really liked the characters.

Would I recommend this one? Yes, and no. If you don’t mind obsessed characters, then go ahead. If you love movies (especially romantic ones), then go ahead.


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