Review for Red at Night

Review for Red at Night

9781460317921I just adore Katie McGarry’s books, and this one goes right into that list of awesome books. 🙂

I loved Stella, though I also felt sad for her, that she has this life, this life of uncertainty of barely being able to eat or have clothes. I can imagine that she at first wanted to stop with school and just go for a job. But I am glad that in the end, and with the help of people she saw what was right and went for that. I did like her and Jonah together, I find it wonderful that she was able to forgive him (after all he laughed or did nothing through the years that his friends teased Stella). 

Jonah, ah he was a wonderful character. He was a bit a wuss at times, but he got stronger and soon was able to pick what was right and what was wrong. For him, I also felt sad, sad he had to witness that accident and the death that followed and then followed on that, how his family and friends acted. Like he should just go on with life and that he is strange because he can’t let it go.

And can I also say, I loved the whole cemetery thing? It makes a nice and interesting setting. 


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