Review for Say I Love You Vol.1

Review for Say I Love You Vol.1

9781612626024I saw this anime when it aired last year, I absolutely loved it, so you can imagine how happy and how much I bounced around when I heard that Kodansha would publish the manga in English!

And now it is here, and I can honestly say, the anime did a great job. The manga pretty much is the same as the anime, but it is still enjoyable and fun.

I love Mei, she is a cute character, though I think it is a shame that she gave up on friends and such, never tried it again. Though I know the feeling, girls can be very mean towards each other. If you have too much boobs they will bitch at you, if you are a bit too tame they will run over you or use you. But I am happy that she met Yamato, and that he is there for her and led her to a life with more happiness and fun. 
I also love how kick-ass at times she was. Defending her new friends? Roundhouse kicking Yamato? Awesome girl. 🙂

Yamato, ah, Yamato. Sorry, fangirling here. I absolutely love him. He has a lot to learn about girls, but I think so far he is doing an excellent job, and he is really sweet with Mei. I love how defensive he is about his friends or people he cares about.

Then we have the romance, ah, swoon. I loved it, there is a big amount of kisses and romantic moments and I cannot wait to see how this will continue and grow. I cannot wait for the moment that Mei will speak those words: “I love you.” to Yamato. 🙂

The art-style is at times a bit weird (stick people or chibified people), but at most times the art is gorgeous, I love the big eyes of the girls and I love how the characters are drawn.

I pre-ordered book 2 to 4 and will also continue pre-ordering and reading this manga. And I would really recommend it to everyone who needs some romance and comedy in their lives.


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