Review for Since You’ve Been Gone

Review for Since You’ve Been Gone

This is the ultimate 2014 Summer read! 9781442435001

Morgan Matson was already my favourite author (Second Chance Summer and Amy and Roger’s Epic Detour are both 5 stars and I loved both of them). I absolutely adored the blurb and the cover, and I had to read this one, and I am soooo glad I did. I loved this book.

Our main character Emily is a wonderful character, I loved how strong she was and how she tried everything to find Sloane, not once giving up on hoping to find her. I loved how she was afraid of a lot of things (all of the things on the list were things that were way out of her comfort zone), but she tried her best to do them. And thanks to the list she made some wonderful new friends, connected with people from her school, people she already knew but wasn’t friends with. And the list also helped her out, it made her summer unforgettable, it made her go over her borders, made her face fears and conquer them.  The book also shows how she is trying to cope without Sloane, since you find out soon enough that everyone in the town/school sees Sloane and her as one unit. What Sloane does, is what Emily will do. Emily faces an empty summer without knowing where Sloane is, and she is wondering who she is, who she is without Sloane. And it is a struggle for her, a mourning process if you want to call it that. And it was all beautifully done, not overly present, but enough present that you know about it and that you know she is going through things.

Can I say I didn’t like Emily’s parents? Forgetting or just not caring about your kids for several weeks if not longer? What kind of parent are you? I know work is important, but you had children, they are your responsibility, you can’t just put them aside when you have a brilliant idea.

It was also quite hilarious. Like the parts with the horses (I read those aloud to my boyfriend and even he was laughing at those parts), or the one where she had to hug a stranger. 🙂

I felt for her when she fell for a guy she shouldn’t fall for (after all girlfriend), but I absolutely loved how that ended up. I was afraid it might end badly or that she might lose friends, but in the end everything turned up fabulous and right.

Something I have with books is that a lot of times side-characters just suck (they don’t get enough character development, or they are just totally blergh), in this book it was the total opposite. I loved the side-characters, they brought more life to the book.  I adored Dawn and really wanted to kick her ex for her and I loved how she was there for Emily.

And I absolutely adored the ending. So happy for Emily. 🙂

I bought the hardcover after I heard various tales of awesomeness that is the cover. There is a secret cover underneath the main cover, and it is gorgeous! So I would truly recommend people buy it. You won’t be disappointed!

I will be eagerly looking forward to Morgan Matson’s new books.



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