Review for Summer on The Short Bus

Review for Summer on The Short Bus

97807624495144.5 stars for this magnificent book!

At the beginning of this book I didn’t like Cricket/Constance. I found her an uppity, little, whiny, spoiled bratty bitch. I can imagine it is a shock to find yourself dumped in a camp for disabled kids, and I can also imagine what a first impression might be scary or what the hell is this, but at least give them a chance, at least give the camp a chance. I didn’t like her attitude, miss little princess expected some kind of fancy camp with all kinds of fancy stuff, and then starts whining and saying she will call her dad when she can so she can leave.

But, luckily Cricket doesn’t stay like this through the whole book, slowly, but very surely you will see she starts to change. She starts to have fun, starts to accept those who look different or act different. She makes mistakes along the way, but she fights to show she is better than that eventually. In the end? I loved Cricket, she still got some things wrong, but nobody is perfect. 
I also liked that in the end she just dropped her friend (at least she starts to just ignore the messages and such). 

I loved Quinn, though most of the Zac Efron references (and also the ending) flew right over my head. I never seen, or cared for that matter, about him or that High School Musical thing, so it is a shame that it was featured so much in this book. Some things were funny, but a lot I was like: “Wait what? What is this supposed to be?”
Quinn was a great character, however, I had times that I just wanted to smack him. Cricket really tries, and yes she makes mistakes but for him to act like he did that one time. Not even wanting to see her change, not even giving her a chance to explain or to say sorry. 

The whole camp thing was interesting, and I loved how great those kids were. Loved how honest they were and how open they were with a lot of things, nothing was too strange or too weird for them. 

I didn’t like Rainbow or the Dad. I know the will said she had to keep quiet about things, I feel like it was better if she was just honest. Cricket was seriously creeped out and also quite stressed because Rainbow, who is a complete stranger to her, knew all kinds of stuff about her that no one knows but her dad and someone on the staff at her house. I also didn’t like her dad. I know he was trying to protect her and all that, but there is a line, a girl deserves to know her mom, deserves to know about her mom. 

But all in all this was a fantastic book, and believe me it is worth it. Cricket is annoying for a part of the book, but you will see her grow and change, and you will also find out why she behaves like that. Read this book. 🙂


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