Review for Tempestuous

Review for Tempestuous

9781440552649Let’s just say, the first part was awesome, the second part was absolutely horrendous and boring.

I loved the idea: kids stranded in a mall? With a snowstorm going on? Wow, awesome. Can’t wait to see how that develops.

Instead, we get teen drama, breaking a mall (yes they do considerable damage to the mall) and some lame mystery going on (I knew for the start that that person would be the criminal).

Our main character was at times nice, but a lot of time she was just annoying, childish and thinking she was so high and mighty all the time. I didn’t like how she treated people around her. Thinking they are her lackeys and all men fall for her (she even rejected one thinking he was there for her). She changes a little at the end, but it is so little.

I did like Ariel, she was a nice character, though a bit too hyper at times.

Would I recommend this book? No.


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