Review for The Girl Who Kissed A Lie

Review for The Girl Who Kissed A Lie

B00JPPNT6SI have had the first book on my shelves here for some time, now after reading this prequel, I am not sure if I want to read it. Frankly the story was confusing, boring and just didn’t flow right.

Out of all the characters, I liked Kelsey the most, and she is not even the main character. She was fun and awesome and I loved how she just took Selkie under her wing and became her friend.

I didn’t like Selkie. She was awkward, I couldn’t relate to her at all, and how she talked or did things, just no. She was conflicting about things. I didn’t like her, and since she is the main character, I am not sure if I can stand a full book with her. So I will probably get the book off my shelves.

The aunts were just weird, and not much is explained why they are like that. Why are they warning Selkie about stuff? Why are they so confused about the time? What is up with all the gnomes?

Selkie’s conversations with Ben just seemed painful, like they are both at the same place but talking about different subjects. I also have no clue why they are friends (or more?). They totally don’t seem to match and Ben’s awkward replies to Selkie’s awkward questions or conversations just made me cringe.
Also she is friends with Ben, meets him like daily, yet she doesn’t know his last name???? Wait, what? How can you not know that.

The premise sounded interesting. Mysterious creatures? Witches? Gnomes? Strange Aunts? A girl who is not what she thought she is? But in this prequel it just seems strange and like I missed something.

Then near the end of this novella we get a few pages about sewing? And lace? What and why?

All in all, a really strange and awkward story. I am won’t be reading this series. (unless Kelsey becomes the main girl)



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