Review for the Summer I Wasn’t Me

Review for the Summer I Wasn’t Me

9781402277887 This book came to my attention because of the genre, I am always interested in reading about a character (or characters) who are lesbian/gay and others.

This book was even more interesting, since it is about healing camps for gays and all that came with it.

I can honestly say after this book, wow. Disturbing, shocking and at times just horrific. Father wounds? Beatings? Exorcisms? There were various things that I just had trouble getting through, I felt uncomfortable reading it. Like with the father wound exercise and everything that happened there. And the whole thing with Mr. Martin (I had my suspicions about him and I was right). It felt to me like a cult, not a camp, it didn’t feel likesomething from God, but just a cult where things happen that shouldn’t happen to anyone.

Our main girl Lexi though is a strong and interesting character. She doesn’t mind being gay, but wants to do her best in de-gayifying for her mother, who isn’t herself after the death of her husband (and Lexi’s father). But Lexi tries and tries, but sadly lightning struck as soon as she met Carolyn and she can’t shake the feeling off.
Lexi is a headstrong girl and sees right from wrong. I felt sorry for her at times, for what she went through (Zoë and her mom finding out, and the camp of course), and at other times I cheered for her and her awesomeness.

My second fav character is Matthew. Wow, he was awesome. He was dumped in the camp by his father and he is clearly not going to change. I loved his attitude, I loved how he fought and I loved how strong he was. Sadly it wasn’t always an attitude that helped him, I was horrified when we got to the parts with Mr. Martin and the exorcisms and what happened there. At those times I just wanted to throw the book against the wall.
He was a great friend to Lexi, and he was wonderful with trying to get Lexi and Carolyn together. Especially loved the parts where he was cheering and wanted to know everything were fun and brought some light in the book.

I loved Carolyn, she was a bit hard to read at times, but logical, she got hurt really bad by someone. But she was a wonderful character in all, she tried her best, but she too couldn’t ignore the lightning that struck those weeks ago. 🙂

All in all a wonderful book, though I wouldn’t recommend it to people who get angry easily, or who don’t like the idea of gay-healing camps.

I do wish one thing, I had hoped for a better ending. Like what happened to New Horizons? What happened to Mr. Martin? How is Matthew doing? Maybe something like an extra chapter set a few months later would have been nice.


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