Review for You Are Here

Review for You Are Here

Just a short review:9781460317938

This book was fun, though I didn’t always like the main character. Instead of just asking Finn about the girl, she immediately assumed (bad thing) that he was cheating on her, and even when she saw those posters in her city, she ignored it. Didn’t even think he might want to see her or discuss the situation with her, didn’t think he might miss her.

We only see Finn in the beginning and at the end, which was a shame, he is a great character and I really liked him, sad that just one thing put a wedge between him and the main character.

I did like the whole poverty/evicted from her home thing, it was an interesting setting and while I have no experience with it, I feel like it was done right. Nice that even though everything seemed bleak at first, that there was enough help for them to get through it.

All in all a fun short book, but I wish there was more Finn.


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