Review for Yozakura Quartet Vol.1

Review for Yozakura Quartet Vol.1

9780345501493I saw the anime (all of them) when they aired. I already had Volume 2 and 3 for this manga, but I couldn’t find Volume 1. So you can imagine how happy I was when I found it.

The manga is really fun, it is all kind of short stories, which make up one big story. There were enough new parts, considering the anime didn’t cover everything. 

I loved the story about the dog and the Germany trip the most. Poor Kotoha though, wanting to go on a trip to Germany and then that happens. I am sure she will get another chance someday. 

My favourite characters would be Kotoha (I love her skill, conjuring up stuff with the right words (walls, bandages, anything!) and she is really the nicest and I am also the most curious about her past.
My second favourite would be Ao, her ears are just so cute and I love her ability of reading minds (not just one, no the whole town if needed). 

Hime and Akina, are so-so. Hime is a bit too much at times and a bit too mean about things. Akina, while I know he has awesome powers, I just missed those in this volume
and he should speak up more about things (like having to treat his friends every time or other things).

I will be reading Vol.2 and 3 soon, and hoping I can find the rest somewhere. Probably impossible though. 🙁


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