Review for Zac and Mia

Review for Zac and Mia

9781443432658Zac and Mia was a book that at times made my blood crawl, and at other times I just wanted to cry.

There are 3 parts, the first is by Zac, the second is by both of the characters and the last is all Mia.

I must say, I preferred Zac over Mia. Mia, I know she has it tough and all, but sorry, she was a very unlikeable character through 66% of the book. I am sure, girl that getting your foot cut off and all is bad, and I can imagine it shocks you to no end. But sorry, you are rude, horrible and a total bitch. You have no respect for Zac, no respect for your friends or your mom. She is also an idiot, running away? On that leg? While you need treatment? I also disliked how she acted against Zac. Zac, who tried to live life the best way he could, knowing he might die any day, but wasn’t a total prick or mean.
I loved, adored and also cried for Zac. He was very likeable, and I was just cheering for him through most of the book. 

I loved the fact that we switch POVs, however I would have preferred a whole Zac book instead. 

The topic/setting in this book is one that hits close home, so a lot of things mentioned were things I understand, things I know about. 

All in all a great book, however, if Mia was featured less, or what I would prefer, her to be less bitchy, I might have rated it higher.


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