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Review for Poor Little Dead Girls

Review for Poor Little Dead Girls

While the book was quite awesome, I really enjoyed it, there were things I didn’t like.

97814405639591. The whole secret society, I didn’t really mind it that much at first, until we came to the whole frozen-eggs-in-test-tube stuff and taking-blood-from-unsuspecting-girls/boys. Also rape and drugs. Like what the hell? At times I felt like instead of a secret society I was reading about a girl infiltrated in some high-tech company.
I felt it was just over the top, too much.
2. Several of the characters. Some were just creepy/disturbing, and our main character was an idiot at times. A really big idiot.
For example, she sees someone she knows, half dead on a couch, legs slightly spread and some other stuff with guys surrounding her who are drooling/lusting over her. What does she do? Just walk on, and pretend nothing happened. Good going girl, just as long as it isn’t you I guess you are fine with it. Like what?
Also add to that the various stuff that happened near the ending/at the ending.

Now for the good things.

1. I am sucker for Boarding School stories, especially if those are combined with mystery/horror. And this one had all that + quite a bit more.
2. The cover, it is a simple one, but I really like the colours and the letters.
3. What I said in the beginning, I liked the secret society thing at the beginning.
4. The twins, they turned out to be pretty dang awesome. Really liked them and wished they had gotten more showtime.

All in all, would I recommend this book? Yes. Yes I would, but be warned, like I said it is a bit over the top at times.


Review for The Storm Whale

Review for The Storm Whale

DSCN9868I just had to have this. I have a soft spot for picture books and I love to read them. 🙂

This book is adorable, a little boy, left alone by his dad (because of his work) finds a baby whale and takes it home.

Noi, our little boy, is a very cute character. And while I didn’t think the idea of taking a whale with you to home (when there is a whole sea next to you) is a good idea, I could understand why he did it.
He had no one (seems like his house is quite a bit away from things) to talk to, no one to play with, and then he found the whale. I can imagine he would take the whale with him, finally a playmate, finally someone who will listen to your stories.
I was also amazed that he didn’t snap or get that angry with his dad. He understood what he did wasn’t right, he knew the whale had to go back.

The dad, I can imagine that he doesn’t want to leave his little kid, but he also has to get food and such on the table. I am glad though that he finally saw that Noi was lonely, and that he was planning on doing something about the loneliness. Yeah for good dads!

The illustrations are gorgeous, you are truly teleported to the beach, to Noi’s house, to the sea, to everything. You can find something fun on every page (like for example all the cats), there is great amount of detail. The pages are also very colourful.

I will be hoping that Benji Davies will make more picture books like this one. I will be sure to buy it if such a thing comes out.


Review for Eruit!

Review for Eruit!

Ik had toch beter verwacht van Marion van de Coolwijk.

9789026136238Het onderwerp (uit de kast komen/homo/lesbisch zijn) is een geweldig onderwerp, en er zouden zeker meer boeken van moeten zijn.

Maar ik voelde bij dit boek alsof alles te magisch gebeurde. Mees verliest zijn vriendin, iedereen om hem heen praat over homos en opeens (echt opeens) is ie aan het kwijlen over zijn beste vriend… Wacht wat?

Verder was het boek wel goed geschreven, het was zeer interessant, ookal waren sommige karakters (zoals Kristen) echt suuuuper irritant en veel te bemoeizuchtig. Ja, hij is je vriend, maar nee je hebt niks te zeggen over zijn leven, hoe graag je dat ook wilt. Laat hem het zelf uitzoeken, het is zijn leven, zijn sexualiteit, en niet die van jou.

Verder ook een punt eraf voor het einde. Het boek heet Eruit!, gaat over eruit komen, MAAR, de coming out (het eigenlijke eruit) is er niet. Het einde is zoiets als: Zijn coming-out kan beginnen. Um wat? Wat is dat voor een rot einde? Ik heb een heel boek zijn “Ik wil niet Homo zijn”, “Chips ik ben toch Homo” aangehoord en ik keek er naar uit dat hij echt eruit kwam en dan kom je bij dat stuk dat ie het accepteert en dan bam, boek voorbij.
Wat vonden zijn vrienden? Zijn vriendin? Zijn school? Zijn club? Hallo? Belangrijk!!! Echt zonde, en ik had dan ook beter verwacht. Super jammer.

Dus ja, vanwege het einde zou ik het boek nou niet aanraden.

En ik vind die jongen/man in het midden (die omhoog wijst) lijken op Spencer (broertje van Carly van iCarly).



An Adorable Cover <3

An Adorable Cover <3


Today 2 books came in, my copy of Keeping the Moon and a picture book I heard about this week. Now I just wanted to share with you the cover (front and back) for that picture book, since it is that gorgeous/lovely/awesome. 🙂


More about the book (and if you want to shelf it) : Goodreads

As soon as I read the book I will post a review. 🙂

Review voor de Vloek

Review voor de Vloek

Goed, ik ben toch blij dat ik heb doorgezet en verder heb vloek.indd

Eerst, de goede dingen:

1. Het verhaal, een oude heks, verbrandt op de brandstapel eeuwen geleden. Ze neemt nu wraak en hoe. Het was echt spannend (niet altijd, maar daar meer over in de slechte dingen), en ik vond het ook geweldig dat echt iedereen (ouders/leraren/de hele stad) onder de vloek kwam. Ookal was het een beetje te soms. (zie slechte dingen)
2. De personages. Ze hadden allemaal een rol. Ik moet zeggen dat van iedereen die als POV voorbij kwam, ik Dizzy het meest sympathiek vond. Hij had gewoon iets waardoor ik echt blij was als hij weer sprak/aan de beurt was.
3. De Cover, echt serieus. Hij is eng, creepy en hij geeft mij kippenvel. En ik niet alleen, ik heb hem aan mijn vriend laten zien en hij was al heel gauw klaar met er naar kijken. 🙂

Nu de slechte dingen:

1. De POVs, sorry, ik heb niets tegen 3 of 4 POVs, maar ze moeten wel goed gedaan zijn. En dat vond ik niet van dit boek. Je hebt in 1 hoofdstuk soms wel 2/3 keer dat je switcht van POV. Ben je net gewend of weer in het stuk van Persoon 1, switch, welkom bij Persoon 2. Echt verwarrend en ik had gewoon stukken dat ik het boek wilde wegdoen.
2. Het einde. Leuk idee, maar ja, is het goed of is het slecht? Zal de vloek verder gaan? Zo’n einde heeft iets teveel vraagtekens, en ik zou het liefste een conclusie hebben gezien.
3. Het feit dat het af en toe best saai was. Soms waren de karakters meer bezig met zichzelf ontdekken dan met een vloek.
4. De vloek zelf was leuk, maar ik vond het soms een beetje te, teveel overdreven, te vreemd.
5. Ik vind het ook een beetje jammer dat alle karakters iets hadden. Dizzy is homo, Stella is een beetje apart, Jelle is gehandicapt/verlamd/kan niet goed lopen. Ik had liever ook een karakter gezien die niks had. Niks tegen mensen die homo/vreemd zijn/gehandicapt zijn, maar nu vond ik het een beetje biased. Een leuk iets zou zijn als we bijvoorbeeld Kat of Fatiha. Geef ons ook een stukje van hoe de leerlingen veranderen, nu was het opeens.

Verder een redelijk boek, maar ik zou het nou niet echt aanraden.



Review for Anya’s Ghost

Review for Anya’s Ghost

9781596437135I was looking forward to reading this Graphic Novel ever since I heard about it a few years ago. But I couldn’t find it anywhere, until yesterday, when I finally found it.

This story is really good. It is about friendship, trusting, a bit of growing up and of course ghosts and hauntings.

Anya is a wonderful character, but she is a true teenager. Worrying about her school, her life, her body, her friends and some other things. She has arguments with her mom, her little brother (but come on, why isn’t he getting any more punishment if this is the same thing he keeps doing?).
I think by the end of the book she got more confidence, at least she is starting to get healthier now she stops with that thing. She was a really likeable character.

Our ghost? I expected what happened. She was just too perfect, too helpful, too good. And we saw small things happening, transformations that confirmed my thoughts and feelings. I still liked the ending though, and the ending made me happy, though I am sure it won’t be the end yet.

Siobhan was the one I was most confused by. Unlike most girls in the school she wore no skirt, and she looked quite male. Also with how she acted and did things made me think she was male until finally somewhere in the middle or so the Ghost mentioned Siobhan as a her. I wish this was done better, I don’t really tend to like it when it takes half a book or more to find out about such things.

This book made me laugh, made me frown, made me cheer, it truly made me feel.

I do hope the author will write more books like this. 🙂


Review for Vicious Little Darlings

Review for Vicious Little Darlings

Started off a bit weird, but in the end it was well worth the money.

9781599908540Let’s just say I was at first turned off from the book. In the first part of the book there is quite a lot of humping men. 🙂 There are barely any details so it wasn’t that bad, but it got a bit boring and blergh. The main girl truly is a maneater. Doesn’t care about anything, just has sex with them even if she doesn’t know them. Even had sex with her roommate’s boyfriend (in the closet!!!!!!). She often talks (in the first part at least) about how many sexfriends she had (since she apparently doesn’t do boyfriends). I am sorry, I don’t call girls sluts in general, so let me call her a free prostitute. She only sees men as an option to get sex, nothing more. I was at some point just so pissed off at this attitude that I wanted to throw the book and let it fly out of the window.

But I persisted instead and read on. Thank Lord I did that, it turned out to be quite a rollercoaster of awesomeness, awkwardness and wth just happenedness.

The characters Agnes and also Maddy were great characters, and they kept me on the edge of my chair. Who was the crazy one? Who was the mastermind behind holding Sarah there (because well that is kind of what they did, they bribed her to stay there (expensive phone/bag, don’t need to pay rent etc.).

For quite a bit of the book things are quite uneventful, but it picks up pace around the middle/end of the book. By then things start to get a bit weird.

I won’t spoil or say anything about the ending, just that it is pretty awesome.

There is only one thing: Why the hell did they pick up a wounded deer from the ground? Those animals are not pets.

All in all an interesting book, with lots of wth, and wtf? I would recommend it to all, and don’t be put off from the first part.


Review for Keeping The Moon

Review for Keeping The Moon

9780142401767_KeepingTheMo_CV.inddMy fourth Sarah Dessen book for my summer challenge, and I can say this: I love it! I have bought it for my collection (hopefully that one will have grown quite a bit when summer is over).

I loved the main character, at times I wish should have more confidence (we often hear she is pretty), but luckily that is what the book is about. Her gaining confidence and her getting new friends who can help out.
Of course like all Sarah Dessen books there is a love interest, even 2 interests (I am still curious as to what happened to that other guy). We can of course easily see who she will pick. And yes, that is a bit predictable, but I don’t mind it this time.
I loved how she transformed. From grumpy (trying to), having black hair/ring through her lip, to a happy girl who enjoys her life.
It was wonderful to see her finally talk back (to various people).

Isabel, Morgan and Norman and also Mira, are great characters and they really bring life and colour in the book. Every one of these characters has problems and they try to solve them or fix them.

The only thing that was a shame (though in the end I didn’t feel like that any more) was that this book was so short. Most Sarah Dessen books are around 300+ to 400+ pages, this one was just over 200 pages. In the end it didn’t matter (I was worried it might be rushed), because everything was solved, fixed and done by page 200+.