A Lovely Badge to be worn all the time.

A Lovely Badge to be worn all the time.

Hello everyone!

Gretchen McNeil (You know the wonderful writer of Ten, Possession and 3:59, and her soon to come awesome Don’t Get Mad series), was handing out badges on her site/blog to a certain select number of people.

After everything closed and it was over, I got a lovely mail from Gretchen McNeil about it, and she asked me for my address! Now this was 3 weeks ago, and on Saturday my mailman brought me the lovely small package containing the badge!

Like I already said on Gretchen McNeil’s blog, I will be wearing this badge every day, everywhere I will go, to promote her new (and also older) books, to tell people about her awesome upcoming new series.

Here is the lovely badge (it is truly gorgeous):


Now I have already worn the button to the library and groceries, to my work and some other places. 🙂

I would love to thank Gretchen McNeil for picking me for the badge, I will wear it with pride.

To everyone else: Please pre-order or check out her new book:

Goodreads <- Some information on her new series/book

Amazon.com/Amazon.co.uk/Amazon.de <- Pre-order it here!

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