About My New Favourite Book Girl in Anime

About My New Favourite Book Girl in Anime

I recently marathoned Bokura wa Minna Kawaisou, and I just had to share a few things with you all. Don’t worry it is book related. 🙂

Bokura wa Minna Kawaisou picture
First the description for the anime: Thanks to his parents’ job transfer, high school freshman Kazunari Usa finally gets to enjoy living on his own in the Kawai Complex, a boarding house that provides meals for its residents. Ritsu, the senpai he admires, also lives in Kawai Complex, as do a few other “unique” individuals. Surrounded by these people, Usa never finds his daily life boring.

Now we are totally not interested in the main character, but are instead very much interested in his love interest. A girl named Ritsu Kawai. She is my new favourite book girl. She does various things that were so recognizable for me. I will list a few examples (gifs/pictures).

1. She reads while walking (which causes some hilarious situations). It was so recognizable, I do the same thing. Walking with a book, losing myself in the book and suddenly realizing I need to walk.

tumblr_n3q8y70vq81txii0co2_500 tumblr_n690p0oEJf1r7987co1_500tumblr_n5szsgHrfK1r2rp33o3_500

2. She reads everywhere. During conversations, at school, again while walking, before sleeping, in the garden, during dinner/breakfast (for which she is scolded at times) and various other places.


3. I loved it when she just flopped down in the garden and started reading (though she mostly did it because she wanted to participate in what the others did, but there are other times she just flops down and reads). I don’t have a garden, but I like to flop down on my balcony and read.


4. She fangirls over books or characters.


5. Her room, it is filled with books from top to bottom, even the window is blocked.:) The Main Character also says this over the girl’s room: “It smells like a bookshop”. My house is also filled with books, you can find books in the living room (where the bookshelves/cases are located), in my bedroom, in the extra room and you can always find a stray book lying around on other places in my house.

tumblr_n6pdowOOPm1qix9rto1_1280 tumblr_n65yj3vMuh1r1v2oao1_1280

There are several other situations, but I will leave it to everyone to watch or read the anime/manga themselves and discover it. I would really recommend it. It is silly, cute and you will love Ritsu.

The last picture/gif I just have to share because of cuteness:


And now my renewed Top 3 of Anime/Manga Book Girls;

Still on place 1: Nagato Yuki from Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu.

Following on place 2:  Amano Touko from Bungaku Shoujo.

And now, on place 3: Ritsu Kawai from Bokura wa Minna Kawaisou.

I would really recommend you read/watch these manga/anime. And I hoped you enjoyed my post. And all images are found through Tumblr or Google, thanks to the respective owners for making the gifs and sharing them.

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