Anime Con Book Haul

Anime Con Book Haul

Hello everyone!

This past weekend I visited Anime Con, a con for all things anime/game/manga taking place in The Hague. It was a fun, busy, happy weekend, and of course I bought quite a few new things. Not only manga, but also cute things, I won’t post them here, but I will post a photograph of my manga.

Also some stats for the weekend (they had a mangakissa/mangalibrary, so I went there at times): 19 manga, 1 normal book. Total pages: 3577. 🙂

Now for the picture. I won’t link/list all the manga (sorry, guys, I am super tired after a 3 day weekend of fun and all kinds of stuff). I might edit the post later when I feel less dead.


P.S Soon to come: Various reviews and also what I bought in May.

8 thoughts on “Anime Con Book Haul

  1. Hey! I’m kind of late with this but i’m planning to go to anime con in Den Haag and heard that manga is a lot cheapet at conventions. So I want to ask how much your manga costs. And if you bought them from archonia, if you did, it would allow me to know if the prices were the same.

    1. Hello, no problem.

      Oh nice. Hope you have a good time there. I am still thinking of going.

      And how much it costs? Well that depends on several factors. Where I bought it (what stand/place) and second, the whole is it Out of Print, or is it still being printed? thing. Out of Print is often hard to find and can be a bit more expensive.

      Generally at cons, I try to look for manga that is around 5 to 7 euros (if they are still in print) and I don’t mind paying 7 to 10 for manga that is out of print/very rare. I know, I am a bit picky, but I prefer getting my manga from Amazon or another online buyer. Cons are the place for me to look for discounts or out of print manga that stores often don’t have.

      Hopefully this comment helped you out. If you have more questions, feel free to reply.

      1. Hey again! Thanks for answering and I do have some more questions.

        Are the manga that you look for ( who are still in print ) new manga or used ones? Because 5 to 7 euros for manga is pretty cheap, atleast it is to me. I mostly buy mine for around 8 to 10 euros at webshops like archonia and bookdepository.

        Did you see the manga archonia’s stand? And if did, do you still the prices? You could also just say if the prices are around the same as shown at their site.

        1. Hello! You’re welcome.

          Mostly used. And it is pretty cheap, but again, you can sometimes find very nice stuff (new too) for not that much if you look closely at a con. 🙂 I generally get my manga for 7 to 10 euros at Amazon.

          Yep, I saw that one and I looked around (mostly for the figures, but also a bit for the manga). Their prices are the same as they are online on their site.

  2. Gehehe.. I replied twice saying the same thing because I thought that the post didn’t got send..

    Thanks again..? I guess xD

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