Awesome Swag

Awesome Swag

I have started using Twitter since April/May, and wow, it is pretty darn great if I have to be honest.

Thanks to that I can chat with authors, let them know about my reviews and ratings and I can also at times compete or participate in competitions/giveaways. So far I have gotten 2 bookmarks, and one postcard, both signed by the respective author. And that makes me super happy, since there is only a small chance for these awesome authors to come to my country and sign books. Now I have 2 autographs and that in one month time, it is truly amazing what social media can do. 🙂

So showing off my swag, first up:

Liz Fichera who wrote the awesome book Hooked and it’s sequel Played. I received these wonderful bookmarks with autograph!


The next wonderful author is Gretchen McNeil, author of the awesome book Ten, but also other books: Possess, 3:59, and her upcoming (and I am really excited about it) new series Don’t Get Mad, with as first book Get Even (comes out September 16 2014, so be sure to pre-order it if you have a chance). I won this awesome postcard with autograph. 🙂


Thanks to both Gretchen McNeil and Liz Fichera for the awesome goodies!

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