Review for A is for Abstinence

Review for A is for Abstinence

perf5.250x8.000.inddLet’s just say that I am disappointed. I was very excited for this book, but it wasn’t what I was expecting.

Kyle is pretty much the same as in the previous books, cocky, thinks the world is all about him and more. But I still liked him, and was pretty happy we finally got a book from his point of view.

However, I didn’t like how everything revolved around sex. There was quite a lot of talk about sex/being turned on/etc.

Val, urgh, I liked her in the previous book, but in this book she was just horrendous. Mean, cold and just urgh. I can imagine you want to save your virginity/virtue and all that, but you can act a bit less mean when he kisses you, or when he confesses he has needs. And saying immediately that not only is sex off-limits, but that anything with the exception of kissing is off-limits is just too much.

I didn’t like how they solved their problem of not being able to have sex before marriage thing. I wish that part was better. Now it felt more like this: Oh darn, we both want to have sex, we can’t (virginity/abstinence stuff), help, let’s do this and that, and then voila we can have sex…. No, just no. Yes I had hoped they would marry, but I had hoped for a big ceremony, with all their friends, family and loved ones. Instead this was like Vegas style, and afterwards they immediately had sex. Like desperate much??????

All in all, expectations dashed. Still a good book, but there were just parts where I wanted to throw away the book.


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