Review for Along For The Ride

Review for Along For The Ride

9780142415566_AlongForTheR_CV.indd4.5 stars. Wow, a Sarah Dessen book that I enjoyed, no, better word would be loved.

I have been trying out Sarah Dessen books, this being my second one. Sadly the library only has one more book in English, so after that I will probably just put my quest to try them out on-hold until the library gets more of them.

Unlike the previous book (Moon and More), this one was a bit predictable, but not as much as the previous one. I am really happy with that. There are some things (like the situation with Eli, her parents situation) that were predictable, but weren’t a problem. After all it would be a sad ending if those didn’t work out in the end.

I loved Auden, she was a great and sweet character, and I loved seeing her grow, experience new things, find new friends, and finding someone she loves. On top of that she does all kinds of things, helping out various people, like her stepmother or the baby. I loved how dedicated she was, and how she didn’t mind changing to someone more happy and more relaxed.

Some characters however were just annoying. Like the dad, or the mom. I didn’t like the dad because of his attitude and how he cared more for his book than for the baby. Hello, you knew she was going to have a baby (you did your part after all), you can’t just let your wife do everything, and no, don’t come with the excuse that she doesn’t want help.

I didn’t like the mom, though, unlike the dad, she started to grow on me, especially during the end. She was still stuck-up, but she also tried her best to be less strict/ice/queen/bitchy.

The story is really nice and I really enjoyed it. I would really recommend it to everyone. 🙂


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