Review for Another: 0

Review for Another: 0

I absolutely loved Another (manga/anime, and still waiting for the novels to come out), and when I heard there was a prequel, I just had to read it.Another 0

This one was perfect, a bit short, but I felt it was good that way, everything was done, and said and we are back to the present again.

Poor Reiko, going through all that, knowing she probably indirectly killed her onee-chan and her friend (because of her being in that cursed 3rd grade).
I really loved seeing it from her point of view, I wish they had added this one to the Manga (as kind of extra story).

There is one thing I would love to see drawn/animated, and that is the story of how it all began. We heard the rumours, the tales, but what really happened years ago in that school.

Art is really fitting for this.

I would recommend this prequel to everyone who enjoyed Another, or to people who are looking for a good horror manga.


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