Review for Anya’s Ghost

Review for Anya’s Ghost

9781596437135I was looking forward to reading this Graphic Novel ever since I heard about it a few years ago. But I couldn’t find it anywhere, until yesterday, when I finally found it.

This story is really good. It is about friendship, trusting, a bit of growing up and of course ghosts and hauntings.

Anya is a wonderful character, but she is a true teenager. Worrying about her school, her life, her body, her friends and some other things. She has arguments with her mom, her little brother (but come on, why isn’t he getting any more punishment if this is the same thing he keeps doing?).
I think by the end of the book she got more confidence, at least she is starting to get healthier now she stops with that thing. She was a really likeable character.

Our ghost? I expected what happened. She was just too perfect, too helpful, too good. And we saw small things happening, transformations that confirmed my thoughts and feelings. I still liked the ending though, and the ending made me happy, though I am sure it won’t be the end yet.

Siobhan was the one I was most confused by. Unlike most girls in the school she wore no skirt, and she looked quite male. Also with how she acted and did things made me think she was male until finally somewhere in the middle or so the Ghost mentioned Siobhan as a her. I wish this was done better, I don’t really tend to like it when it takes half a book or more to find out about such things.

This book made me laugh, made me frown, made me cheer, it truly made me feel.

I do hope the author will write more books like this. 🙂


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