Review for Ava and Pip

Review for Ava and Pip

I received this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.9781402288708

This was a terrific fun book. I liked the word plays, the puns, the palindromes, however, it was at times a bit too much, and at times I was just bored with it. I think it was better if it was a few word stuff at a time.

Ava is a wonderful character, she is really cute and does her best (in school, for her parents, for her sister), sadly her parents don’t really notice her most of the times. I was amazed that she got a 100 on every spelling test, and I was even more amazed at the total lack of care or interest by the parents. I would be super proud of my kid if she or he would get 100’s at tests. (more on the parents in a later paragraph)
Ava is really smart too, though she makes some decisions in this book that she should have thought over first, but she is a kid, so I am sure this is a wise lesson for her. I really hope she will be able to pursue a career in writing, since it seems she really got a talent for it.

Now for the other characters. First, the parents. My, oh my, they were good parents, but hello? You also have another kid, a kid who might seem to be doing fine, a kid who seems to be independent, but come on, she is 10, give a bit of attention to her too. Give her a big birthday party, praise her for her good things, don’t just ignore her and whenever it comes out best be there for her. I am glad that at the ending the parents and Ava had a good chat about things, and I hope the new situation will stay like this for a good long time.

Bea and Pip were fun characters. I liked how they both grew and learned from each other.

I also really liked that this book was in diary format, though it was a bit boring that we sometimes have only a few sentences per page.

There is one thing I am hoping for. That is that this book gets a sequel. I want to know how it is going with Ava, I want to know how Ben and Pip are doing and some other things as well.

All in all, a really fun kids book. I would really recommend it to kids, or to people who (like me) like to read children’s books. This one is really a nice and fun book about growing up and learning wise lessons about important things.


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