Review for Chapel Wars

Review for Chapel Wars

9781599907888This was a really fun/interesting book.

Holly loses her grandfather, and she inherits the chapel. She meets Dax, falls in love and so on. 🙂

Holly was a nice character, though I felt she was a bit strange at times. How she acted/did, sometimes I was thinking she was over 20, but at other times I thought she was 12.
I also find it silly that she got ownership of the chapel. While sure she inherits it, she still isn’t an adult and someone should supervise/have ownership until she turns 18 or until she is at least done with school/college and all that. So that was a bit unrealistic.

I didn’t like her relationship with Dax, throughout the book I felt like they just didn’t fit together, and I didn’t like all the sneakiness. It felt too much like Romeo and Juliet at times and it also got a bit boring.

Dax, urgh, I really didn’t like him for most of the book. At times he was nice, but at other times I just felt he was hiding something, or plotting something bad.

Then we have Dax’s granddad, oh my gosh, he was a total prick and mean. Also one reason why this book only gets 3 stars, instead of 4 or 5.

But I liked the weddings and how hard Holly tried to save her chapel.


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