Review for Denki-gai no Honya-san Vol.2 to Vol.6

Review for Denki-gai no Honya-san Vol.2 to Vol.6

9784040661483Review for Volumes 2,3,4,5 and the last volume (for now) 6.

This manga still keeps being awesome, at times a bit over the top, and some parts I just didn’t like.

For example the chapter about Sommelier and the Agent and their youth. It was disturbing to see little kids read porn, and a little girl reading yaoi/BL porn. Also the fact we almost got a few panty shots is quite disturbing considering the age of the characters in that particular chapter.

Also typical fanservice things like: Hot springs, shirts that get wet/they have to shower etc. were a bit bleh. I can imagine it is done to get something moving between Hiotan and the Director, but I can think of better ways then nakedness.

But other than that chapter, the rest of the chapters were fun, silly and interesting. The manga/bookshop seems like a great place to work, with fun co-workers, various books that you can read, the fun thing of making a display and so on. There are various times I am also glad I am not working there. Like Day 4 scenarios, or Christmas rush, or sudden new book rush.

They also did try to get a nickname for Umio, but in the end it didn’t stick and he was just back to Umi/Umio again. 🙂9784840144582

Even though there are so many characters, you get to know them all. You learn about their nicknames, their first times in the bookshop, their real names and at times also about their past. I can really empathize with the characters and for some I am cheering (like for Master and her manga or for Rotty and her zombies). 🙂 Also cheering for several relationships to start (no spoilers here).

However, out of all these books/volumes, there is one character I dislike. And that is Taishi, the brother of Rotty. He is totally overkill with his dedication to his sister and I really dislike how he practically kills Umio every time.

We also had a new character and it was so fun how Hiotan had to guide her through stuff and how fresh/new/pure that person was. Well until she found out her special thing.

I can’t wait for volume 7 to come out, and I am also crossing fingers that the anime adaptation in October will go right.



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