Review for Doll Bones

Review for Doll Bones

9781416963981This was a boring, blergh book, and I am happy I am done with it.

What I expected (from blurb on the back): Kids + Scary Doll + Scary events + Death + Death to Doll. Instead it was like this: Kids + Selfdiscovery + So-so Scary Doll (who wasn’t that scary) + Lame events happening because of doll + Journey + Parents + Mystery Solved.

Throughout the whole book I kept hoping for a scary event, a death, or a mysterious thing that was scary happening. Sadly that just didn’t happen. There were a few events that happened (people referring to the doll as though she was alive), but all the other things can just be the kids (maybe while they slept and such).

The journey was super boring, and I almost fell asleep a few times.

I didn’t like Zach, though I know what he is going through, I had the same phase around that time only with dolls/barbies and games like hide and seek. However again, I came for the scary doll, not for “OMG I am 12 years old and I can’t play with action figures/dolls any more”.
Zach was mostly boring and I think he should just be honest with people. Who cares if you are 12 and still play with dolls, why are you not being honest with your 2 friends? Why can’t you just speak up, say your dad threw away your dolls. No no, nothing of that, just make him mysterious, just make him nervous.

Poppy and Alice, let’s just say I expected them to be way and way and really way younger then said. Especially Poppy. How she acted, I had expected someone who was 6, maybe 7. Not a 11/12 year old.

Would I recommend this one? No. Just no. The blurb (and also the cover) is a lie. Don’t read this book expecting horror. You will only get boring stuff.



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