Review for First Comes Love

Review for First Comes Love

First part was so-so, just very weird and unbelievable. 9780544022164

The second time was mostly about sex (no details, thank Lord, but it just get tiring to hear them discuss/have it all the time).

All in all, the characters (especially Dylan, who I at first thought was a guy, sorry, I never heard of Dylan as a girls name) were just unbelievable at quite a lot of moments. How Dylan acts was just at times uncomfortable and also unbelievable, no one is ever like this 24/7/365. Never. Really it was fun at the beginning, but when I noticed this was how she always was it just started to annoy me.

Also just sending a letter to someone is instant approval and ok? Hold on what? He just skipped like a year and one letter by someone makes everything ok?????? I can imagine that they might have been waiting for him (considering all that happened), but I just can’t imagine there is a magical spot all of the sudden, just when a letter pops up.

At the end we go through several time skips, some not even mention how many months pass by. I just hate it when these kind of things get added. If they fit the book, sure, but this didn’t really feel fitting. More like, darn we have to get them back together, let’s skip time, do impossible things and voila.

I was really looking forward to starting/reading this series, but I think I won’t be reading the rest. Maybe book 3, since that seems to be a stand-alone and I am kind of curious to that one. As long as the characters are more believable I will be happy.


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